ResidentIal Property

We sell residential properties in Dresden, Radeberg, Bautzen, Görlitz as well as in remote rural areas of Eastern Saxony. In addition to our long-standing experience in the sale of historical, urban properties, we are also very qualified in the valuation of rural properties and plots. In doing so, we often recognize that our advice is strongly needed, since the classic property transfer within a family has been disrupted by most recent social changes. We use our expert knowledge and our local anchoring to provide you with our best advice.


We offer a proficient consulting service, if you intend to sell your multi-family house, your commercial property or your residential and business building. We are experienced in selling large residential complexes as well. Moreover, we concentrate on providing investment opportunities to our clients through offering them appropriate income properties. Since more than 25 years, institutional and private investors, real estate funds as well as property developers are among our clients concerning real estate transactions in Dresden, Bautzen, Leipzig, Erfurt, Berlin and surrounding areas.

Portfolio Service

We provide strategic advice, if you intend to pursue changes in your real estate portfolio. For institutional and private investors as well as for real estate funds, we sell property packages and procure predefined real estate portfolios. Our targeted selection of properties and our market-conform portfolio valuations base on our long-standing experience and market knowledge, as well as on detailed risk analyses conducted by us. We successfully closed real estate portfolio transactions in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and Erfurt.


As cooperation partner of the Volksbank Dresden-Bautzen eG we sell and procure properties for the bank as well as for the bank’s customers. Moreover, we operate as service partner for further banks and insolvency administrators conducting the sale of distressed properties. Throughout Eastern Germany, we process distressed property sales. A large number of properties, often located in critical settings, were successfully sold by our company. Our expert knowledge as well as our outstanding commitment are the foundation, on which we build up trustful relationships with our clients. We always ensure absolute confidentiality.


The renting of properties in Dresden, Bautzen and surrounding areas comprises another business service, which we offer to our clients. Through the regular acquisition of new tenants, we strive to secure the rental income of our clients' properties over the long term.